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Resources for Healthcare Providers

Genetic counselors, obstetricians, pediatricians, nurses, social workers, physical therapists, and many other health professionals rely on organizations like ours to provide accurate, current, unbiased information to help them better serve individuals with Down syndrome from diagnosis through adulthood. We provide medical professionals with up-to-date information about Down syndrome and help them understand all facets of life for families to raise a child with Down syndrome.

Resources for Providers at Diagnosis and Delivery

Receiving a diagnosis of Down syndrome can be very confusing and emotional for families. Parents can find it difficult to know where to turn for information and connections with others, and healthcare providers might be the first person to provide them with their next steps, such as connecting them with DSAMN and other families. We provide materials and services that can help; request resources using the form below.

Download the DSAMn New Parents' Guide

Order printed copies of the DSAMn New Parents' Guide

For parents receiving a birth diagnosis, we highly recommend sharing DSAMn's New Parents' Guide in conjunction with the book Welcoming a Newborn with Down Syndrome: A New Parent's Guide to the First Month.

For parents receiving a prenatal diagnosis, we highly recommend sharing DSAMn's New Parents' Guide in conjunction with the book Diagnosis to Delivery: A Pregnant Mother's Guide to Down Syndrome.

We have copies of the books available at the DSAMn office as well as other reputable resources including Your Loved One Is Having a Baby with Down Syndrome and Coping With Loss: Down Syndrome. These titles are available in English and Spanish from DSAMn or from

In addition, we’ve gathered helpful healthcare provider resources below from others in our community.

Resources for Parents at Diagnosis and Delivery

New & Expectant Parent Support Line

New & Expectant Parent Support Line available via call or text at (651) 603-0720. Parents can reach out with questions or concerns as they arise and they will be answered by a member of our staff, 365 days a year.

New Parent Gift and Resource Packet

New Parent Gift and Resource Packet including our new parent guide, helpful books, and a little something to celebrate the birth of their child. Families can request these resources themselves or you can request for them here.

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Parent-to-Parent Connections and Visits

Parent-to-Parent Connections and Visits It can be helpful and reassuring for parents to talk to someone who has already walked the road they are on. We match parents with a trained parent volunteer who lives in their community. Our volunteers are willing to visit new families in the hospital or in their own home.

Download the DSAMN Referral Authorization Form here (NEED THIS)

DSAMN Community Parent Groups

DSAMN support groups are available in 17 communities across Minnesota as well as specialty support groups for new parents, grandparents, siblings, Somali families and Latinx families.

Check out our Community Parent Group resources here

Family Connectors

Family Connectors help parents navigate the complexities that come with raising a child with Down syndrome, including guidance regarding health care, education, county services, and other community resources.

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Hospital Connections

Hospital Connections Do you have two patients with babies with Down syndrome? We can help you connect them! Download our Hospital Connections Request Form here.