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Resources for the Older Teen and Young Adult Years

Adulthood is on the horizon: yep, you’re actually at this stage. Here are resources that we've put together to help your loved one transition from adolescence to adulthood.

Checklist to Turning 18

When our children turn 18 - there are many steps to be taken. This checklist was created as a guide for you to use as a reference to work from. Each area is named and we can discuss any of them in detail with you if interested. Please note that some of these can and should be initiated prior to turning 18.

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A Teen's Story

DSAMn support groups

DSAMn support groups are available in 17 communities across Minnesota as well as specialty support groups for new parents, grandparents, siblings, Somali families and Latinx families.

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DSAMn’s Online Resources and Facebook Discussion Groups

Down Syndrome Association of MN Discussion Group: Our Private Group for Questions & Conversations

Minnesota Moms: Ages 12–18

Adult Matters (For Parents & Caregivers of Adults with Down syndrome)

Down Syndrome & Autism – Dual Diagnosis

Family Connectors

Family Connectors help parents navigate the complexities that come with raising a child with Down syndrome, including guidance regarding health care, education, county services, and other community resources.

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Webinars and conferences

Webinars and conferences give parents and families access to trusted experts and the latest, most up-to-date information.

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In addition, we’ve gathered helpful resources below, plus you can reach out to a Family Connector with specific questions or needs.

Transition planning is a formal process for helping kids with IEPs figure out what they want to do after high school and how to get there. It’s required by the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA). Need help understanding the process and available resources? You can reach out to one of our family connectors to help you.

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More Education and Employment resources

Teen years come with expected challenges, whether your child has Down syndrome or not. This can lead to a great deal of internal stress for the adolescent and anxiety and stress for the parents. From puberty to mental wellness to physical fitness, the teen years can be hard to navigate. Our family connectors can walk you through each of these resources to find what’s right for your family.

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More Health Care Resources:

*DSAMn offers a subsidy to families to access DSC2U, contact us to learn more.