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Resources for School-Age Years

There’s a lot going on, between navigating school and friends, keeping everyone healthy, and finding fun activities. Check out the resources below, all given a thumbs-up from DSAMN families.

DSAMn Community Parent Groups

DSAMn Community Parent Groups are available in 17 communities across Minnesota as well as specialty support groups for new parents, grandparents, siblings, Somali families and Latinx families.

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DSAMn’s Online/Facebook Discussion Groups for Parents of School-Age Children

Down Syndrome Association of MN Discussion Group: Our Private Group for Questions & Conversations

Minnesota Moms: Ages 5–12

Down Syndrome & Autism – Dual Diagnosis

Family Connectors

Family Connectors help parents navigate the complexities that come with raising a child with Down syndrome, including guidance regarding health care, education, county services, and other community resources.

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Webinars and conferences

Webinars and conferences give parents and families access to trusted experts and the latest, most up-to-date information.

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In addition, we’ve gathered helpful resources below, plus you can reach out to a Family Connector with specific questions or needs.

Every child with Down syndrome qualifies for an Individualized Education Plan and to receive individualized support services from your local school district. In addition, you may qualify for a Follow-Along Program through the Minnesota Department of Health. We are here to make a referral to get you started.

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More Education Resources:

A lot of information about your child’s health is thrown at you during your first few weeks and months. It can be overwhelming. Minnesota has a number of wonderful resources available, and we can help you sort through them. Our new parent program manager and family connectors can walk you through each of these resources to find what’s right for your family.

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Additional Health Care Resources:

*DSAMn offers a subsidy to families to access DSC2U, contact us to learn more.