Get Help from a Family Connector

Fun & Skill Building All-in-One!

1. Sprinkler Obstacle Course: There are many commercial blow up sprinkler options that can be combined to create a course . Or you can easily DIY it! Use random household objects like hula hoops and pool noodles next to a normal sprinkler! We love to use obstacle courses to work on sequencing, following directions, turn taking, gross motor development, and impulse control!


2. Ice Play: Freeze paint on a popsicle stick to work on fine motor strength as well as messy play! Practice drawing simple shapes, letters, or complex shapes/designs based on your child’s skill level. Then after head into that sprinkler obstacle course to wash off!

3. Going to the Playground: One of the most simple activities but also one of the best ways to work on overall body strength, coordination, social skills, and so much more! Park toys can offer vestibular, proprioceptive, and tactile input which can help provide heavy work to assist with emotional regulation.

4. Swimming: One of the greatest activities to provide a ton of sensory input! Swimming is also great for kids who struggle with developing strength and coordination as it diminishes gravity! It is also a favorite OT activity because it requires a lot of self care work (showering and dressing!) Lastly, swimming requires safety awareness and provides opportunities to learn about impulse control and following direction/rules.
        5. Chalk: A summer staple! Play tic-tac-toe on the sidewalk, practice writing letters, numbers & shapes, trace shadows, etc...the list to do is endless and who doesn't enjoy seeing artwork where they walk, be creative! Chalk washes off so look also for unconventional surfaces such as a trampoline or vertical surfaces such as a fence to help develop hand strength, visual attention, and grasping patterns.

        We hope everyone has the BEST SUMMER EVER!!!