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Why we Step Up for Down Syndrome: Turning 18 and Adult Resources

We Step Up so that we can continue to provide impactful support to families through DSAMn’s Transition Planning. Graduation is a turning point in everyone’s lives. A time to reflect on our interests and skills. A time to pursue our goals and begin to make decisions that propel us into our future hopes and dreams. Our young adults with Down syndrome carry their own skills, interests, goals, hopes and dreams as well. The journey from high school to adulthood is a bridge many will cross. For our young people, that bridge has extra support beams to help in that journey. Join us for our upcoming webinar Checklist to Turning 18 with Danyel Hinson. Danyel will be sharing a brief overview of those supports, such as Medical Assistance, Social Security, Guardianship and others. When we were first told about our children having Down syndrome, we started down the path of Early Childhood, therapies, IEP’s and began moving through their school years. Entering Transition Planning and Adulthood is the Next Chapter in your child’s story. Welcome.

We Step Up at DSAMn for transition planning and the next chapter, will you Step Up with us? Register or Donate to Step Up