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Why we Step Up for Down Syndrome: Family Connectors

"In the beginning, we applied to migrate to America for many reasons. The most important was for Malak, my son, he has special needs and unfortunately the country we lived in had very poor services. When we arrived in the states it was a cultural shock that was heavy on our hearts. There were many challenges, specifically language as we only speak Arabic. It was difficult for me to reach the services my son needed. I was so confused and didn’t know where to start or where to go. Until our Family Connector called me and told me she worked for DSAMn and she would follow up with me for Malek’s needs. I was so happy she contacted me and that she understood my wants and needs for Malak. She dedicates her time with love and compassion. She's helped me make phone calls to resources and follow up. I will never forget when she helped me contact multiple county workers. She never showed boredom, on the contrary when I thanked her she only expressed her passion and love in her position. I thank the whole team of family connectors and DSAMn. You do not understand how great your work is and you all deserve the utmost appreciation and respect.” -Majd (Malak’s Mom)

Family Connectors at DSAMn are trained in navigating county services for individuals with Down syndrome. Please reach out today if you would like help navigating this complex system.

If you need help finding, or navigating, resources connect with a Family Connector today.

Call: 651-603-0720 option 2
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