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Celebrate World Down Syndrome Day

The Down Syndrome Association of Minnesota offers World Down Syndrome Day Classroom Kits throughout the state. These kits are geared towards preschool through elementary school and the activities and education about Down syndrome are teacher/parent-driven. Once children with Down syndrome reach middle or high school, we encourage education and advocacy activities and resources that are driven by the student with Down syndrome and their peers (with the support of a teacher or para if needed.) Videos work much better than books or worksheets for this age student. We've compiled a list of some of our favorite resources.

What is Down syndrome? Watch this video from Dr. Skotko about Down Syndrome

Some of our favorite awareness videos can be found here

Additional resources can be found here

What is Self-Advocacy?

Self-advocacy is using your power to advocate for yourself and to educate others to do the same. Self-advocacy means you are able to ask for what you need and want and tell people about your thoughts and feelings. Self-advocacy means you know your rights and responsibilities, you speak-up for your rights, and you are able to make choices and decisions that affect your life. The goal of self-advocacy is for you to decide what you want then develop and carry out a plan to help you get it. It does not mean you can’t get help if you need or want it, it just means that you are making the choices and you have to be responsible for the choices you make.