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Welcome to DSAMn's First Ever Winter Wellness Bingo Challenge:

Inviting all Teens and Adults with Down Syndrome and their Families!

In recent years, more and more research has been found to support the importance of various forms of care; nutritional, physical and mental. All these forms of care have been shown to benefit the overall health and quality of life for our loved ones with Down syndrome, as well as ourselves as caregivers. The Down Syndrome Association of Minnesota is offering a simple and fun way to experience and introduce some of these healthy habits to incorporate into your day. Keep what you enjoy and leave what doesn't serve you!

This challenge will be for the months of January, February and March. Each month will have a separate Bingo card. Each week, you can submit your finished card to be put in a drawing for a prize. You can participate for as many weeks as you like or are able to. You can submit more than one "Bingo" each week.

Access the March BINGO Card Here

Click Here to enter a submission. The form asks for you to submit a screenshot or image of your completed Bingo. This is meant for families to get involved so if you are unable to submit the picture don't worry - we trust you!

Bingo "wins" can be vertical, horizontal, Four Corners, diagonal, T-shaped, U-shaped, or even Blackout.

We will begin on January 1. Please submit your card on the following dates.

There will also be a prize for "Most Entered" at the end of the Challenge - Announced April 1.

*All activities can be done at home or in the community. For the days of "walks" and outdoors is not an option - maybe walking on a treadmill at the gym, a mall, or just around your house could be an alternative. If mobility is a concern for some of the physical activities, feel free to substitute with chair dancing, chair yoga, or other seated exercise opportunities. All activities can be adapted. Typing instead of writing, more vegetables if you can't have fruits. Doing something that is right for you and your health are still the most important keys, as well as having fun.

Any questions regarding submissions can be sent to or

Good Luck and Be Well.